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Cameron Reed 09-05-12 03:12

Crawlin the Hume
Thought that this may appeal to a few people here, although not military it's open to all commercial vehichles 25 yrs or older. I believe they are talking in excess of 150+ vehicles should be good to see all the old bangers running the old Hume most well before I was born. I'm going to take the blitz for a run(still unfinished)although the flattie sounds good the GM's will sound better goin up Pretty Sally. :D

Bob McNeill 09-05-12 13:06

Crawlin the Hume
With FLETCH taking film and pics for a documentary it,ll be worth the run if its as good as 2011, best of luck and enjoy the run.

Ganmain Tony 14-05-12 11:12

How'd it go?
Cam? Bob?

Any of you other blokes take a truck?

Any photo's?

Richard Coutts-Smith 14-05-12 13:51

Plenty of interesting trucks around Wodonga on Saturday, and a few nice buses as well. I believe the furthest travelled was from Bribie Isand.

Cameron Reed 15-05-12 06:17

Old Hume hwy run
Yes Dad and I went what an absolutely fabulous event to be part of. Just think of driving in the parade at Corowa and multiply that from Melbourne to Albury, everywhere we turned off into another forgotten country town that the hume has bypassed, people had couches and bbq out on the streets with uhf's set up so they could call you up when you went past, the roads everywhere had people taking photo's and movies felt like my arm's going to fall off from waving and tooting. I reakon there may have been a few sore heads for some spectators, some were well sauced up by lunch. The route even unveiled a few possibilities??hint hint. We got out at the ford factory Campbellfield at about 7am and could barely find a park. We was the only blitz there so was pretty well received many people thanking us for making the effort (only wished that I have it a bit more finished). The whole event had a relaxed feel about it which was good with everyone pulling in the same direction didn't matter what you were driving, there was a bloke in a T model who went the whole way, never seen him without a smile from ear to ear we went through to Winton raceway where they all met up again for lunch and I think they picked up about another 30 or so plus all the Clipper bus's. There was another blitz there on the back of an acco (the one that was at Corowa chev with a water tanker,don't know his name sorry). A quick lap around the car park with well in excess of 150 vehicles, one fellah in a inter r190 came from WA, never seen so many people smiling and reminiscing. We stopped at Wang as we wanted to watch the speedway, but would of loved to have gone through to Wodonga, think the stories of the trips and jobs in days gone by from the old timers with a few sherbets added would have been great. :note:
The blitz may not have been a regular runner on the hume but it certainly got everyones attention.
We enjoyed ourselves immensely I may even have a go if they do it again fron the Sydney end, we found ourselves in a group of others' running along at about 30-40 mph so was ticking along pretty comfy. :thup2:

Ganmain Tony 15-05-12 11:28

Thanks Cam
Great write up Cam...thanks very much. :thup2:

Sounds like a lot fun, would love to see some pictures..

Would be involved with the trip myself next year..

Cameron Reed 16-05-12 15:57

Hi sorry Tony only a few on my phone pretty bad if you haven't already just have a look at the link quite a few up now. I see one of me, didn't realise how bad it looks in 4 tones shall rectify that before further outings;)

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