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Stewart Loy 26-02-20 19:41

Dennis Walker
I am sad to report that I received a letter today informing me of the recent passing of longtime military vehicle collector Dennis Walker in St. Catherines, Ontario.

As many of you know he had been unwell for some time. Cancer was the primary cause of his death.

Bob Phillips 27-02-20 00:34

Dennis Walker
Thank you for posting this news, very unfortunate.
Dennis was involved in the antique tractor, engine and MV hobbies for 40 years. He was fixture at the Milton Steam Show where I would often buy goodies from the back of his trailer. He displayed many of his vehicles and historical ordnance pieces at local shows and parades for years.
I will miss him!

Bob Carriere 27-02-20 02:11

That explains a lot........
So sad to hear........ and never hinted of his condition. I visited him often over the years and always had the feeling that he was a very lonely man. As others, I got a lot of goodies from him and sold him some of my old gas engines when I decided to focus on CMPs. I will miss him greatly. Can't help but feel older.

Bob C.

rob love 27-02-20 19:17

I was also very sorry to hear about Dennis. I have had a few deals with Dennis on some very hard to find items, and each time followed the deals with a purchase trip through the barn. It seemed to me like we shared a few common interests when it came to collecting, particularly with regard to the artillery stuff.

I'll see you on the other side Dennis...hopefully not too soon, but eventually....

Rob Fast 01-03-20 13:50

Yes, sorry to hear about Dennis passing
Spent a bit on time on the phone with him the last couple of years. He will be missed. Rob

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