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Hanno Spoelstra 26-02-20 23:44

Reconditioned Ford V8 engine
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Up for auction (not mine):


Petrol Engine, with timber crate, marked reconditioned Ford engine, V8 cylinder petrol (cage pallet excluded)
Interesting to see this was overhauled as late as 1967. What was the British army using by that date which was still running a flathead Ford V8?

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Tony Smith 27-02-20 00:44

It's an E77 85hp engine, which were used in post-war Ford Pilots and Thames Trader trucks.

Dave Newcomb 27-02-20 05:48

V8 Ford
Yes; It appears to be a 21 stud engine. Last yr in N America was '37 Newc

Lynn Eades 27-02-20 06:43

Dave it is a British built engine. Tony where do you get that model number from? and how do you know it is 85H.P. as against 60 H.P.?
With that governor, I would think it was a stationery engine. e.g. gen set, compressor, or saw bench(I dont know, just putting it out there and trying to learn)

Tony Smith 27-02-20 10:01

Lynn, Dave nailed it, the 21 stud heads indicate a 221ci 85hp engine. The earlier Post-war Pilots had the 17 stud V8-60, but these are relatively rare.

Wikipedia calls the engine the E71A, but that is the model number for the car itself. AFAIK, the engine has always been called the E77, the English-made version of the US Model 77, or '37 LB engine. Again, Wikipedia says it was a version of the Model 78 Truck engine, but this had twin pulleys and a different cam to the 77, and was not the "inspiration" for the English engine.

Always in Pilot cars, (and even in Thames trucks when dual pulleys were used), the engine was a copy of the 77 (1937) US car engine, even down to the 18mm spark plugs.

Richard Farrant 27-02-20 10:31

Balloon winches were still being used with Ford V8 engines. When I was working in REME workshops, around the late 1970's we had some engines like this come in for overhaul, they were from balloon winches adapted for moving target towing on the ranges.

Maurice Donckers 27-02-20 12:16

These winches where also still in use with BOAR for pulling pontoons over rivers till the 70ies, or maybe even later.

Hanno Spoelstra 27-02-20 19:16

Myriad of uses
Thanks for the inputs, interesting to see the Ford V8 flathead soldiering on for so long. Though I think the French SUMB truck outlasted everything else on wheels.


PS: the auction is now closed. Last time I looked at the the bidding stood at approx UKP 1,700 IIRC.

Lynn Eades 27-02-20 20:16

Tony Here it is from my perspective:
Carriers came with a nomenclature: eg, Carrier Universal, No1, MkI.(BTW. I am not suggesting this is a carrier engine)
The "No.1" refers to the engine. (they also came with No.2, No.2A, and No.3 engines)
The No.1 was a British engine.
In carriers the British engine was referred to as a 60 H.P. engine. These engines were 3.062" bore by 3 3/4" stroke. (3621.5cc)( Basic 221 Cu.In.)
They were either Ford model:
SE-51-6000 or,
79F-6000-CS or,
They originally produced 65 H.P., but were up rated to a max of 73 3500 rpm and a max. torque of 1600 lb. inches at 1500 R.P.M.
The treasury rating (tax) was 30 H.P.
The above from a carrier instruction book printed in 1940. (not the 65 h.p.)
In a later (1944)publication the No.1 engines are part numbers:
79E-6004 CS, or
79E-6004 DS. (a forum member was going to send me the build info so that I could make sense of these models, but it never happened. There is a book of Engine build data)
Other carriers were fitted with (No.2, No.2A, and No. 3)engines that were British built engines equiped with American auxilliaries, American Engines, or Canadian built engines. (the 85 and 95 H.P.engines)
I believe that the engine that is the topic of this thread may not be an 85 H.P. engine, as the British heads with 18mm plugs are a lower compression and belong to the 65 H.P. engine. (internal parts are not interchangeable with North American engines)

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