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Keith Webb 28-04-03 01:01

Australian Boomerang fighter restored
Just returned from the Antique Aeroplane fly-in at Temora in New South Wales after an awesome weekend filming all manner of WW2 and other aircraft including P51 and Mk.VIII Spitfire, Wirraways and the fighter development of the Wirraway, the Boomerang. This is a very rare aircraft and was restored over a period of 27 years by Matt Denning.
In the air, this plane has a profound whistle (almost a siren sound) caused by the airflow over the gun ports. It is powered by the same engine as the DC-3 and looks and sounds terrific.

Naturally I was filming for a new documentary.:)
I was on the other side of the runway as the Spitfire and Mustang were doing their act, diving together straight at me and passing at around 200 feet - the goosebumps took some time to disappear...

Boomerangs in service

More aircraft pics

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