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Hanno Spoelstra 27-11-16 17:04

Using the Private Messaging (PM) system/ Notification emails
Dear members,

If you send another member a PM and he/she replies, MLU will send you a notification email stating:

> ***************************
> Dear [member],
> You have received a new private message at MLU FORUM from [other member] , entitled ".....".
> To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

The problem is that many of you reply to the notification email, resulting in me getting an email rather than the intended recipient. I always send a second/third/fourth/... reminder to not reply to the email but log in to the PM section here on MLU and send a reply.

What worries me is that I rarely get a reply so I do not know if the member understood the fact that his email did not end up at the intended recipient....

Any member is free to use the PM system, but if it is too much of a hassle please feel free to use regular email outside of MLU.

Any questions? Please ask!

Hope this helps,

Hanno Spoelstra 25-12-17 23:10

threads you have subscribed to
This is also the case for the notification emails about a reply to a thread you have subscribed to.

The problem when one replies to the notification email is that it also ends up in the MLU mailbox, rather than in the mailbox of the person one is trying to reply to.

rob love 26-12-17 02:00

I have been guilty of that myself, and usually realize it once sent, especially if I later log onto MLU and see that I have the very same PM in my inbox.

I would suggest you either set the return address for the notices to an unmonitored/dead mailbox, or else ignore the notices. I belong to a number of forums, and yours is the only one which will supply notice of our screw-up. In other words, you are too good to us.

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