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Frank v R 31-03-15 17:59

Aquino Tank day May 30 2015 Weekend
the Aquino event is well into the planning stages , it is to be bigger and better this year, improved access into the vehicle vendor bay , more events and displays, more public seating , better food vending , Peace Keeper display , we are looking for UN mission vets that would be interested in participation in this display , for more info please look at or for questions contact me through this forum,
regards Frank von Rosenstiel

Robin Craig 01-04-15 00:24

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I have gone for the last two years, getting bigger and better each year.

I hope to get my 1 tonne Land Rover there and my mate is trying to get his BATUS 109" Land Rover there also .Hope others will make the effort, and lets all pray for good weather.

See you there!


Bob Phillips 20-04-15 16:40

Aquino Tank day
Hi Frank - can you pm me re Tank day event thanks..Bob

Terry Witiuk 24-05-15 16:14

Aquino Tank Day
Look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone at Aquino, especially other OMVA members. Have serviced the Ferret, arranged for transport to the event and just as last year, I'm hoping the drive home to Mississauga will be a great end to the day. Awesome event!
Cheers, Terry.

Terry Witiuk 31-05-15 16:01

Aquino 2015 - Congratulations
Congratulation to all those who made this another great event. Aside from the very wet drive home to Mississauga in my Ferret, I wish I could turn the clock back and experience it all over again today but I'll just have to wait till next year. The massive bleachers brought in for the event were completely filled with spectators who were able to watch and be amazed by great battle re-enactment. Cam Woolley's acknowledgement of all Canadian Military veterans in attendance was a great touch! Asking them to stand up so the crowd could see and cheer for them was emotional. The whole set-up was very professional and most certainly exceeded anyone's expectations! With this kind of effort and planning, Aquino will only get bigger and better. At the end of the day I had the pleasure of chatting with a fellow from just south of Cleveland Ohio who made the 6 hour drive specifically to attend this event. His comments were that this was a spectacular event and bigger than anything in the U.S. Amazing!

Cheers, Terry.

Robert Bergeron 03-06-15 17:57

Aquino tank day
Hello to all, just a Quick comment: i was in attendance friday eve and saturday all day and it was fantastic! It is all about the people we meet. I felt right at home and i came from Saint Georges Qc. 800 KM away! Great event, great tanks and great people! Up UP Hurray for the Ontario Rgt , the volonteers and organisers! See you again next year ! Cheers. Robert.

Terry Witiuk 16-06-15 05:34

Photo Slide Show of Aquino Tank Day 2015
Have finally sorted through the photos that I took at Aquino Tank Day 2015 and have put together a small posted on YouTube. I was planning to take more pics later in the day but the rain stopped that from happening. Pics are mostly from the Gulf War re-enactment. Anyways...enjoy!
Cheers, Terry.

Robert Bergeron 21-09-15 03:30

Aquino Tank Day
What a great event that was,

What is the date in 2016 ?

Can't wait.


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