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JRRDixon 10-04-18 15:46

1941 Willys
Hey Guys

I thought I would post this. Sounds too good to be true.

chris vickery 10-04-18 16:03

If you read the advert carefully it indicates that no weaponry comes with the Jeep. I would think that the Jeep offered will come bare bones without any accessories. I know, for example, that the MG pedestal is already being offered for sale separately on another Forum...
The seller, (with whom I have no personal affiliation) is a long time collector of fine militaria.

JRRDixon 10-04-18 16:43

1941 Willys
Yes Rob I did see no weapons included but I would of thought they would be asking more for a 1941 with such a low production number.

Hanno Spoelstra 10-04-18 17:02


Originally Posted by JRRDixon (Post 249454)
Sounds too good to be true.

You're probably right! :D


No Longer Available - Willys MB slat grill. 1941 $20,000.00

First day of production Jeep # 153 November 18, 1941. Painted as LRDG Jeep . Runs great pleasure to drive. This jeep has a amazing history. I hate to let it go. A great Jeep for restoring. I also have a trailer for it. Selling separately. Note: no ...

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