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Mike Kelly 24-05-21 17:28

19 set film scenes
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The 19 set seen in this 1950's film is a WW2 era British built set . A batch of these sets were rebuilt in Australia in 1952 . Typically, the whole wiring harness was replaced with PVC insulated wires . The front panel was refinished in a duck egg blue colour . I had one of these refurbished sets years ago.

Philliphastings 24-05-21 19:03

Still have it !
Hello Mike,

I still have that original one I bought from a gun show back in 1992 and it's still in perfect working condition😊



Mike Kelly 25-05-21 15:14

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Not sure why the 19 sets are mounted in the wall panel . Probably a test procedure .

And a linear amplifier is seen above the set. Think I still have one of these amps somewhere.

Did anyone spot the WW2 Jeep , GMC CCKW and CMP in the background ?

Mike Cecil 25-05-21 19:26

Interesting film, thanks for posting.

Ferret Mk.1 & 2, White M3A1 Scout Car, Saracen ACV, Centurion Mk.5, some with A type and others with B type barrels; some with side plates, others without, all running around a flogged-out Puckapunyal Military Training Area. This has to date from the mid-1950s as the tanks are not yet fitted with the mounting for the crew commander's .30 cal, and are still equipped with No.19 sets. Other interesting aspects are the uniforms: some in khaki working dress, some in black tanks suits - even one guy in a cold weather oversuit.

The side arm looks like a Smith and Wesson Model 10 in .380-200, and the infantry are carrying a 9mm Owen Machine Carbine, a .303 Bren gun, and .303 SMLE rifles, so pre-dates the introduction of the L1A1 SLR.

I even recognise some of the faces!!


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